Camera Showing as Unsupported in NI MAX with VAS 2019

Updated Sep 13, 2019

Reported In


  • Vision Acquisition Software 19.0

Issue Details

I have a camera that I was previously using. I have updated to Vision Acquisition Software 19.0 and now my camera is not recognised.
My device may be unrecognised in device manager.
What's happening?


Some hardware may require additional driver software, found at

Vision 19.0 dropped support for several pieces of hardware:
  • NI 17xx and NI 177x Smart Cameras
  • NI EVS-1463, -1463RT, -1464, and -1464RT Embedded Vision Systems
  • NI CVS-1454, -1455, -1456, and -1457RT Compact Vision Systems
  • Analog cameras
  • Parallel digital cameras
  • Basler and Axis IP cameras
Additionally, Vision 19.0 and onwards no longer support the following operating systems:
  • VxWorks
  • Phar Lap ETS (with the exception of GigE Vision-compliant cameras on PXI systems via the NI-IMAQdx driver)

Uninstall Vision Acquisition Software 19.0 driver and install previous versions of the Vision Acquisition Software found on the download page.

Additional Information

More information can be found on the NI Vision Acquisition Software 19.0 Readme.