How to Force Update a LabVIEW Front Panel

Updated Sep 24, 2019

Issue Details

My LabVIEW front panel is slow or does not update fast enough. How can I force update my front panel?


The following are a few steps to attempt to force your front panel to update with your block diagram:
  • You can set the Defer Panel Updates Property to 'True' to immediately force your front panel to update. 
  • Ensure all your controls and indicators have 'Synchronous Display' enabled. You can do this by right-clicking, going to 'Advanced' and ticking the option. This will force a front panel update every time a new value is read.
  • Copy and paste the block diagram code into a new, blank VI. This will sometimes fix corruption within the code.
  • Perform a Mass Recompile of your project to ensure that all VIs are correctly linked and not corrupted.

Additional Information

The front panel defaults to an asynchronous display. Some problems are caused by block diagram loops iterating faster than the front panel can update.
Forcing your front panel to update will take processing power and possibly slow down your code.
Corruption within the code may lead to slow or unexpected behaviour.