How to Detect Separated Characters Using OCR in VBAI

Updated Apr 21, 2023



  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

How to use Read/Verify Text Interface in VBAI to consistently detect individual characters instead of having two characters grouped together? As illustrated below, “,1” is detected as a single character.

They should be detected separately as illustrated below.


You can adjust the minimum and maximum value of Bounding Rect Width from Size & Spacing Tab of NI OCR Training Interface to limit the range of the Bounding Rect Width, preventing the issue of combining characters.
  • Click Inspection Steps: Identify Parts >> Read/Verify Text >> Mode >> New Character Set File.. to open the NI OCR Training Interface

Bounding Rect Width indicates the width limits, in pixels, for the character bounding rectangle. The default value of minimum and maximum Bounding Rect Width is set to 1 and 65536 respectively.

To get the optimum minimum and maximum value, you may refer the actual Bounding Rect Width of the detected characters from the Result Tab as shown in image below.  

Additional Information

To understand more, you may refer the shipping example of VBAI, Read Text Example.vbai.