Is There a Way to Secure SystemLink to Validate Files Downloaded from Are Certified Installer?

Updated Aug 22, 2019

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  • SystemLink

Issue Details

There are some security concerns on the NI download process, that we would like to look into before approving the internet access to SystemLink


The Linux RT feeds on are signed and the RT Targets will check the signature before downloading anything from it, however, does use SSL to encrypt and verify the authenticity via HTTPS

Additional Information

If you want to further mitigate a man in the middle attack you could replicate the feeds from to your local SystemLink Server using the Package Builder application and then only install from it after you have validated their integrity.

Also, you can even request the media for the software if you are interested and then replicate the feeds from the media to the SystemLink Server again using the NI Package Builder application and then only install software from your server and avoid using all together