VXI Resman Does Not Find Any or All Devices

Updated Dec 15, 2023

Reported In


  • VXI (Legacy)


  • NI-VXI

Issue Details

Why does the Resource Manager (resman) not see any or all of the devices in the chassis?


There are several things that could be wrong if resman does not see any or all of the devices.
  1. If you are using VME devices, these must be properly configured. Please see the VME Device Configuration guide entitled "Using VME Devices with NI-VXI or NI-VISA". (See the related link, below.)
  2. Verify that you have the latest version of NI-VXI/NI-VISA for your particular operating system. (See the related link for "Drivers and Updates", below.)
  3. Remove all the devices except the one that is not being seen from the VXI or VME mainframe. If you are then able to see the device, there is a conflict with another device in the system, most likely due to a conflict in their logical addresses. 
  4. If you have a multiple mainframe configuration, please refer to the Multiple Mainframe System Configurations guide (see the related link, below) and the documentation which came with your controller to ensure that you have this configured correctly. 
  5. Make sure the VXI/VME-MXI-2 is in installed correctly. 
  • The VXI/VME card should be in the leftmost slot and should be detected when no other instruments are installed. 
  • The MXIbus Controller end of the MXI-2 cable needs to be closest to the MXIbus system controller (by default, the AT-MXI-2 or PCI-MXI-2). The MXIbus Controller end of the cable has a label. 
  • Check the connectors on the MXI-2 cable and on the PCI/VXI/VME-MXI-2 cards for bent or broken pins.
  1. To see the resman output, use the following command: Start » Run » resman -l . This will generate a RESMAN#.OUT file, where # is the VXI system number. Concurrently, to have resman run silently in the background you need to use a different command: Start » Run » resman -o 
  2. Try using a different mainframe, VXI controller, or MXI cable if these are available. 
  3. The "missing" device may be faulty. Try using a different device to help isolate the problem. Please contact that vendor for further assistance.