How Can I Get Rid of the Error-NI GOOP Development Suite is Missing?

Updated Aug 22, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Analytics and Machine Learning Toolkit

Issue Details

I am trying to load VI on a new computer and I keep getting a pop-up window "Load and Save Warning List" with the following error:
NI GOOP Development Suite support for LabVIEW xxxx is missing and is referenced by the following VIs:
I have installed the NI GOOP Development Suite but cannot get rid of this error.
What can I do?


To get rid of this, you will need to download the software that is missing and activate it.
The missing software is most probably different from NI GOOP Development Suite, and thus, you may need to find out what is missing from your system environment as below.
    1. Load VI
    2. Close error pop-up window
    3. Look for any broken functions or sub-vi on block diagram
    a) If you found broken parts, find out what software/toolkit is associated with it
    b) Install required software/toolkit

    Additional Information

    For example, the issue occurs when you load a VI that uses functions from Analytics and Machine Learning Toolkit without this toolkit being installed in your environment.

    If you encounter a similar problem that installment of NI GOOP Development Suite does not get rid of this error, please try the suggested solution.