I Am Receiving Error -2147220370 When I Try to Program My cRIO

Updated Nov 7, 2019

Reported In


  • cRIO-9075

Issue Details

I used the RAD tool to create an image to replicate the software running in other CompactRIO on my CompactRIO. When I try to make a deploy of the image on my cRIO I am receiving the error -2147220370. How can I fix it?


The error -2147220370 means that we can only perform this action in safe or install mode, so, the 'auto restart' flag was false.

To fix that, we must access to the storage on the controller (please check Recommended Links), find the file called "ni-rt.ini" and change "RTTarget.LaunchAppAtBoot=FALSE" to "RTTarget.LaunchAppAtBoot=TRUE"

After that, the image downloaded in your CompactRIO should run normally.