What Does Error Code 0E74 Mean While Using MPuLib?

Updated Sep 13, 2019

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  • Micropross Accessories

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I'm programming my instrument using the Micropross API named MPuLib. I sent a command to the instrument which did not execute properly and received error code 0E74 in response. 

I can't find this error in the user manual. What does it mean?


Error code 0E74 in hexadecimal (or 3700 in decimal) indicates the error "RESOURCE NOT OPEN". This means you have tried to send a command without first reserving the resource.

To properly reserve the resource, at the beginning of your script use the command MPOS_OpenResource() which maps to the remote command RMOP. Afterward, you will be able to continue sending your desired sequence of commands.

This applies to all instruments using the MP300Com.dll or MPuLib library, which comprises all of the MP300 and MP500 instruments families.