NI Scope and Digitizer Trigger Width Configuration

Updated Apr 28, 2020

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I want to change the trigger width of an exported trigger from my NI scope or digitizer. Can I do this?


When using modular instrument scopes and digitizers with the NI-SCOPE driver, the trigger width is not configurable. The trigger width for these devices is coded into the hardware of the device and cannot be altered with the driver software. 

Some devices are equipped with low-pass filters on the receiving trigger terminals, and thus require a minimum trigger width to start. If a wider trigger width is required, a peak hold circuit can be implemented between the master and slave device. 

Reconfigurable scopes, such as the PXIe-5170 and PXIe-5171, and the Digitizer Adapter Modules for FlexRIO are equipped with configurable FPGAs allowing the trigger width to be altered programmatically. These devices require the LabVIEW FPGA Module to implement changes of this type. Reference the individual instrument manuals for more information about getting started with LabVIEW FPGA.