Installing NI FlexLogger on a cDAQ-9139 Controller

Updated Aug 15, 2019

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  • cDAQ-9132
  • cDAQ-9133
  • cDAQ-9134
  • cDAQ-9135
  • cDAQ-9136
  • cDAQ-9137
  • cDAQ-9139


  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

I want to install and use NI FlexLogger on a cDAQ-9139 controller, but when I start the installation process I receive the following message. 

Is it possible to somehow install it on my cDAQ controller?



Unfortunately NI FlexLogger is not supported on cDAQ controllers since its minimum operating system requirements 64-bit version of Windows 10/8.1/7 SP1 and all NI cDAQ controllers (Windows version) curretly come with Windows 7 embedded (32-bit).