TDMS File Failed to Load in Multisim

Updated Dec 10, 2019

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  • Multisim

Issue Details

I have a TDMS (.tdm or .tdms) file that I want to use as a signal source in Multisim, using the TDM Voltage or TDM Current sources.

When I load the file in the source properties dialog, the time column is not properly initialized, and in some cases it repeats the channel amplitude data instead.

Why is this happening, how can I import a proper TDMS file in Multisim?


If you have confirmed that your TDMS file has proper signal data in it, the only other reason for the file to fail to load is that the time data is not properly configured.

Multisim TDM Voltage and TDM Current sources do not support implicit-time channels, that is, when only the start time (t0) and the time interval (dt) are provided. For a TDMS file to work in Multisim, a time column must be included in the file.

If you are creating the TDMS file from LabVIEW, in the Write to Measurement make sure to configure the X Value (Time) Columns field to use One column per channel or One column only.

The default selection in LabVIEW is Empty time column which causes the error described in this KB. You need to pick one of the other options.

When you configure the TDM Voltage or the TDM Current source in Multisim, once you browse and select the TDMS file you will be able to pick a time-column as the Channel X data.