Why Are the Right-Click Options Missing in Multisim?

Updated Dec 12, 2019

Reported In


  • Multisim

Issue Details

Multisim was working perfectly fine. I opened it up and when I right-click on a component, almost all the options that were previously there have disappeared. Only a few options are present. 


There is likely a corrupted configuration setting in the Multisim directory. All the configuration files should be deleted to set Multisim back to its default settings. 

  1. In Multisim select the menu Options»Global Preferences»Paths, note where Multisim stores your config file in the Configuration File field as figure shows below.
  2. Close down Multisim, do not leave it open in the background.
  3. Using the Windows Explorer, navigate to the configuration path.
  4. Delete everything in this config folder.
  5. Re-start Multisim.
  6. All parameters and options should now be back to default settings.