How Do I Import a MOSFET Model into Multisim?

Updated Mar 30, 2023

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  • Multisim

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How do I import a SPICE MOSFET model that starts with a .MODEL statement into a Multisim component?


Any SPICE model that starts with .model is a core model and the Multisim SPICE engine already has the pin template defined. The Multisim SPICE engine expects the MOSFET model to have four pins. If you used a three pin symbol, Multisim will simulate with an error message. For example, the model you want to import into a component is similar to this:

.MODEL B4 NMOS VTO=1.7 KP=322E-6 LAMBDA=0.005
+CGSO=2.5E-9 CGDO=2.5E-9

The general form for a SPICE MOSFET is:

Mxxxx D G S B model_name

To use the above model in a three pin symbol, you must use a .SUBCKT statement and tie the S and B pin together internally. Here is an equivalent model:

M1 D G S S B4
.MODEL B4 NMOS VTO=1.7 KP=322E-6 LAMBDA=0.005
+CGSO=2.5E-9 CGDO=2.5E-9

Note the two S nodes on the M1 line. This is how you connect the S and the B pin together. If you do not want to modify the model, you must use a four pin symbol.