USB X Series DAQ and SCXI Incompatibilities

Updated Dec 28, 2023

Reported In


  • USB-6361
  • USB-6341
  • USB-6343
  • USB-6351
  • USB-6353
  • USB-6363
  • USB-6356
  • USB-6366

Issue Details

I have an SCXI Chassis connected to an X-Series USB DAQ Mass Termination (USB-63xx), however when I try to configure the system in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI-MAX) my SCXI devices appear with red x's and fail both reset and self test. Why can I not configure these devices properly in MAX?  


The USB X-Series DAQ Devices (USB-63xx) are only compatible with SCXI with versions of DAQmx 17.5 or earlier. If you have a version later than this please uninstall DAQmx and reinstall a compatible version.


Additional Information

This incompatibility does not affect the PCI(e)/PXI(e) X-Series counterparts of the USB-63xx devices mentioned above.