Fail to Load the Qi Base Station Test Suite

Updated Oct 14, 2021

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW : MP500TCL3, TPR connection unit, TPR antennas kit

SW : MPManager (Version 3.8 and later), Test suite Qi base station (Version 3.5.5 and later) 

Issue Details

The Qi Base Station Test Suite version 3.5.5 failed to load.
What is the configuration needed?


The test suite requires working with MPManager version 3.8.
The MP500 TCL3 needs to be updated with the firmware
MP500 System: 1.14
TCL3 Driver: 1.18R04

After the MP500 TCL3 has been updated the TPR connection unit FPGA needs also to be updated to


Additional Information

MPManager, MP500 TCL3 FW (including the TPR FPGA) as well as the test suites
can be downloaded on the NI-Micropross download centre following this link.

The user has to use the authentication key linked with its maintenance account to get access to the download centre.

In case of any additional question, please contact NI technical support team on when opening a Service Request case using the NI Service Request Manager (SRM).

To open a service request on please follow the steps described at this link .