RATS Value Inconsistency in TA13x of EMVCo 3.0

Updated Sep 13, 2021

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  • Micropross Accessories


SW: EMVCo(V3.0) PCD Test Suite

Issue Details

In the specification, it is said that the value of the FSDI in the RATS can be between FSDImin (which is 0x8) and 0xC.
However, in the test plan (in the frame trail in the annex) and the test suite, the expected FSDI value in the RATS is only 0x8.
I have tested a terminal with FSDI of 0xC and all tests are failing. In the document explaining the loopback function, it is never specified that the FSDI should be set to only 0x8.


  • Reference document :
Contactless Terminal Level 1 Type Approval
PCD Analogue Test Bench and Test Case Requirements v3.0a
  • Test Case TA13x(x=1 to 9)
  • Test Procedure :
STEP7) Make the EMV – TEST PICC return the response described in Table C.1 of Appendix C, Frame Trail for PCD Type A tests.

In this scenario, the FSDI expected is only 8. So RATS is only "E0 80". No others FSDI values are defined in the scenario, although FSDI can be in range 08h-0Ch.