NI Package Manager Gives NI-ICP Documentation Errors

Updated Sep 19, 2019

Reported In


  • Package Manager 18.5

Issue Details

I am trying to install software using NI Package Manager. However, I am getting errors when I am trying to perform the installations.
My errors may relate to NI-ICP-Documentation or other conflicts.
How do I fix this? 


NI Package Manager may run into conflicts when installing due to parts of the installed software already being present on the machine.
However, it may not be able to find the files if you have recently changed network drives or other unusual folders.
  • Download the Offline Installers found under the 'Download' button on the software pages. The following image uses the LabVIEW Download page as the example:
  • Disconnect from your network drives or create a local user account without network access.
  • Run the offline installer.
If the errors persist, contact NI Technical Support.

Additional Information

This may occur due to network drives not being visible or accessible. This may also occur if the network drives have recently moved directory.