Maximum Voltage and Current Sourced by NI Power Supplies in Series or Parallel

Updated Feb 15, 2023

Issue Details

I am cascading multiple power supply modules to increase my voltage and current output ranges. What is the maximum voltage and current that I can source from cascading outputs?


As detailed in the NI DC Power Supplies Help , you can connect multiple PXI-4110 channels or modules in series to generate a greater output voltage. For safety, do not exceed 60 VDC from any terminal to ground when cascading power supplies.

For higher current output using the PXI-4110, the channels/modules can be used in parallel to source current over 1 A.  Be sure to use wire that is thick enough to avoid overheating if the output current from the power supply were to short circuit.

Another important point to note about the PXI-4110 and PXI-4130 is that Ch 0 does not provide isolation. Therefore, it is not possible to cascade multiple Ch 0's in series because each supply would be shorted together through chassis ground. To cascade multiple Ch 1 outputs of the PXI-4130 in both parallel and series configuration, please refer to the White Paper: Cascading the Outputs of the NI PXI-4130 Source Measure Units linked below. To cascade the output of the PXIe-414x family of SMUs in both parallel and series configuration, please refer to Cascading the Outputs of the NI PXIe-4140/4141/4142/4143/4144/4145.

The NI 4132 and NI 4154 can be stacked in series for higher voltages, up to isolation. Please note that you cannot stack the NI 4132 and NI 4154 in parallel for higher current. For more detailed information on how to cascade outputs, refer to Cascading Outputs in the NI DC Power Supplies Help linked below.

Refer to the Combining Multiple Outputs section of NI-DCPower Help for information about connecting multiple NI PXIe-4112/4113 channels together for extended output.

The NI 4138/4139 can also be stacked in series or parallel for extended output capabilities. For more information please refer to Cascading the Outputs of the NI PXIe-4138/4139 .