How Can I Open and Send Commands to MPManager in Remote Mode?

Updated Mar 14, 2022

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Software : MPManager 3

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I found out that MPManager can be used in remote mode. What exactly does this mean and how do I set it up to understand the functionnality?


Traditionally, the MPManager graphical user interface allows you to use a mouse to navigate, connect to instruments, open and run test scripts, and run test suites. MPManager in remote mode allows access to the same functionality without using a mouse, by opening an instance of MPManager as a server that can interact with a TCP/IP client. 

Our customers use MPManager in remote mode when they want to automate running MPManager tests with scripting languages such as Python.

The following steps will introduce how to set up MPManager in remote mode and send a few commands.

Step 1: Open a command line window in the directory where MPManager is located. The easiest way to do this is to first navigate to the folder in windows explorer and then press SHIFT + right-click in the folder and select “Open Command window here”:

Step 2: Type in .\MPManager.exe /s:10782 and press enter. This will open up an instance of remote mode listening on port 10782. After a few moments, MPManager will open in remote mode and you will see a MPMANAGER 3.x.x READY message in the command line window:


At this point, MPManager should be open in Remote Mode. It should say “MPManager 3.x.x Remote” along the top bar, and should state Mode Remote on: (IP Address):10782. Take note of the IP address because you will use it in the next step.

Step 3: Open up a TCP/IP client such as PuTTY and input the same IP address and port as listed above at the end of step 2. Select “Raw” for connection type.

Then you should see a TCP terminal open with “MPMANAGER READY” displayed. The remainder of the commands will be sent in this terminal window. Also, you should see MPManager reflect that a TCP/IP client has connected.

From there, use the MPManager Remote Mode manual to send the desired commands to interact with MPManager. In this example, we will be using the EMVCo PICC Digital Test Suite.


Step 4: To connect to your instrument, write a “CONNECTION CONNECT /a:"TCP:(TCL3 IP Address)" /c:0” command and press enter. You should see MPManager connecting to your TCL3 afterward.

Step 5: Open the test suite with a “TEST_SUITE OPEN /p:"C:\(Test Suite Location)\EMVCo Contactless PICC digital tests.mpep" command

If you click on “Test Suites” or the clipboard icon in MPManager you should see the test suite open there.


Step 6: Finally, run the desired test cases. In this case I will run test cases CA001, CA120.0, and CA 120.1 in succession using “TEST_SUITE EXECUTE /t:”(Test Case)” “. During the tests you should see MPManager running through the test cases.

The remainder of the remote functionality can be found in the MPManager Remote Mode user manual. I have attached it to this article for your convenience.


Step 7: Finally, disconnect using a “CONNECTION CONNECT /d” command.

Additional commands and information about the Remote mode of MPManager 3 can be found in the MPManager 3 -Remote manual available on your download center .