Can NI 9219 Provide External Excitation Voltage?

Updated Dec 13, 2023

Reported In


  • NI-9219
  • CompactDAQ Chassis
  • CompactRIO Chassis

Issue Details

  • I want to know if my NI-9219 can support external excitation voltage.
  • The internal excitation voltage is not enough to supply my sensor. How much external excitation voltage can my NI-9219 provide?


NI 9219 does not support external excitation voltage.

Additional Information

NI-9219 only can provide internal excitation up to 2.7 volts for Full-Bridge and 2.5 volts for Half-Bridge configurations.
You can check for other C Series Bridge Modules:
  • NI-9218
  • NI-9235
  • NI-9236
  • NI-9237