PXI Chassis Does Not Appear in NI MAX but the PXI Cards Do

Updated Jul 31, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI Chassis


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • PXI Platform Services

Issue Details

  • In NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), I can see the modules inside my PXI chassis, but I can't see the chassis itself.
  • When I plugged my chassis into my computer, it appeared for a moment in NI MAX and then disappeared.
  • I have an MXI system and I can see the PCIe card in NI MAX and the PXI modules in the PXIe chassis, but I can not see the chassis itself.

Why can't I see the chassis, and how can I fix this so that I can permanently see the chassis and modules?


Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve this issue.
  1. Install PXI Platform Services. If it is already installed, make sure it is a compatible version by checking NI Hardware and Operating System Compatibility. The version installed can be identified using NI MAX. If the installed version is not compatible:
    • Power down the computer, then the PXI(e) chassis.
    • Power on the computer and install the compatible version of PXI Platform Services.
    • If the chassis is not listed yet, remove and reinstall PXI Platform Services
  2. On your PC open Services and confirm that NI PXI Chassis Management and NI PXI Resource Manager services are running. If not, start them. Ensure the Startup Type is Automatic as well.
    1. If you receive an error while trying to start the PXI services, try repairing the PXI Platform Services driver.
  3. Reset the NI MAX database: How to Fix or Reset the NI Measurement and Automation Explorer Database File.
    • If the issue persists after these steps, contact NI support.