Unable to Insert Switch Modules into Slot 2 of PXI Chassis in the PXI Advisor

Updated Jan 16, 2020

Reported In


  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Controller
  • Magnetic Reed Switch
  • PXI Relay Module
  • Reed Switch

Issue Details

I am trying to configure a PXI(e) chassis using PXI Advisor, but it will not allow me to insert a PXI(e)-2530B or PXI(e)-2532 switch module into slot 2 of the chassis, as shown in the image below. 

Dragging a PXI(e)-2530B or PXI(e)-2532 module into slot 2 of the chassis results in a red "incompatible" icon. 

Why can't these modules be used in slot 2 of the chassis?


The following note from the specifications manual for certain reed relay switch modules explains why we see this behavior with the PXI Advisor. 

This only applies when an embedded controller with a hard disk drive (HDD) is being used to control the chassis, not when an MXI(e) controller is being used. Currently, the PXI Advisor will not adjust its filter based on the controller type. You can use any of these switch modules in slot 2 of an MXI(e) controlled PXI(e) chassis, or a chassis with an embedded controller using a solid-state drive (SSD). 

Additional Information

Modules with note above in manual:
  • PXI-2530
  • PXI-2530B
  • PXI-2531
  • PXI-2532
  • PXI-2532B
  • PXI-2515
  • PXIe-2532
  • PXIe-2532B
  • PXIe-2515
  • PXIe-2720
  • PXIe-2722
  • PXIe-2725
  • PXIe-2727