Invalid Image Type Error in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Updated Jul 30, 2019

Reported In


  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Issue Details

I'm trying to run an inspection step in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, and I get an error that says Invalid image type. How do I know what image type I need for each inspection step, and how do I change the image type to resolve this error?


To check what image types each inspection step supports, search for the step in Vision Builder AI Configuration Interface Help, found in Start»All Programs»National Instruments»Vision Builder AI»Documentation»Vision Builder AI Configuration Interface Help

Once you know what image type you need for your inspection step, follow these steps to change the image type:
  1. Once an image has been acquired, go to Inspection Steps: Enhance Images and start a Vision Assistant step.
  2. In the Vision Assistant setup, press Edit... to add steps.
  3. In Vision Assistant, go to Processing Functions: Grayscale and add a Conversion step.
  4. In the Conversion step setup, select 8-bit image. If it is not available and the image is in color, you may need a Color Threshold step before the Conversion step (Processing Functions: Color»Color Threshold).