How to Record a Two-Way NFC Transaction Using NI Hardware

Updated Sep 13, 2019

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  • Micropross Accessories

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I would like to record (spy) an NFC transaction between a reader (PCD) and a card (PICC) which I can then view in the Viewer window of MPManager. How can I do this using NI NFC hardware?


The MP007 and MP300 ACL1 both offer the ability to passively record a two-way transaction using MPManager. These devices are designed to use a sniffer coil to spy on the transaction without interfering. The MP007 has the ability to record and play back the transaction, as well as to stream it live to a PC running MPManager. The MP300 ACL1 can also stream the transaction directly to MPManager.

The file format of these transactions will a .mplog file which can be viewed in the Viewer window of MPManager.

While the MP500 TCL3 and MP500 PT1 have the ability to generate .mplog files, they are required to participate in the transaction while emulating either the reader (PCD) or the card (PICC). They cannot passively record a transaction in which they are not actively communicating. Only the MP007 and MP300 ACL1 are capable of this functionality.