MON-10496 Real Time Clock Battery Additional Information

Updated Apr 21, 2023

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  • Wireless Monitoring Gateway
  • MON-10496

Issue Details

This document provides additional information regarding the function of the Real Time Clock battery on the sbRIO-9607 used in the MON-10496. 


The primary function of the Real Time Clock (RTC) battery is to allow the sbRIO to continue keeping accurate time when power is not provided to the sbRIO. When power is removed from the sbRIO the RTC battery will be drained. If this battery were to die the RTC would no longer be keeping accurate time and this would be reflected by incorrect timestamps on collected data. The sbRIO 9607 User Manual provides recommendations for increasing the battery life of the RTC battery.

If for some reason you believe your battery is dead or you are seeing incorrect timestamps on your data please reach out to NI.