Can I Change the IP Address of USB connection on ELVIS III

Updated Feb 8, 2022

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  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Issue Details

I wish to use the ELVIS III through the USB connection. Although the IP address 172.22.11.x cannot be used in my network. Is there a method that I could use that allows me to use a different IP?


The only IP address range that will work for the Ethernet over USB connection is 172.22.11.x. Changing the IP makes the ELVIS unusable over USB . Basically, Measurements Live and the ELVIS III board expect the IP address to be, so they are unable to communicate if you change it to anything else. There is also no way to configure the DHCP server to use a different IP range.

The only options are:

  • Use Ethernet instead. This will allow them to use whatever IP address they want. 
  • Ask the IT department to allow the 172.22.11.x IP addresses.

Additional Information

When you connect any RIO target over USB, the device creates a virtual Ethernet port on both the host and the target that communicate over USB.

The Ethernet over USB DHCP server always assigns IP addresses in the 172.11.22.x subnet. Usually, the host PC will be and any connected RIO device (like the ELVIS III or a cRIO) will be