How Can I Connect an NI Industrial Power Supply to a cDAQ Chassis?

Updated Apr 13, 2023

Reported In


  • PS-14

Issue Details

I have an NI industrial power supply and a cDAQ chassis.
  • I noticed my NI industrial power supply came without a cable.
  • The cable that was included with the cDAQ chassis doesn't connect to the PS-14.
How can I connect these devices together? 


You can connect these devices by using general purpose electrical cables and the cDAQ power adapter (P/N: 780702-01). 

The cDAQ power adapter has the same connections as the power input of the cDAQ chassis you're using (Labeled 3 in the following drawing).

You will need to create this connection yourself since the industrial power supplies can be used with different NI products. For this you will need to wire one of the "+" outputs of the PS-14 to the "V" input of the power adapter and the "-" output to the "C" input. You can refer to the following drawing for where to find the outputs of the power supply (Labeled 1 in the drawing).

Additional Information

You can check which power adapter you'll need to purchase on the CompactDAQ Power Connector Accesories page.