Do I Need a Pull-up or Pull-down Resistor for NI 9425?

Updated Apr 13, 2023

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  • NI-9425

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I would like to know about using a pull up resistor with digital input module NI 9425. 

Is there any pull up or pull down resistance built in the module? If yes, how can I access it?

What value of resistance does NI recommend to use as pull up resistance for 24V supply?



The NI 9425 does not have any pull-up or pull-down/current-limiting resistors at the inputs. The only built-in protection is 30 kOhm input impedance, as per the NI 9425 Datasheet.

You should be able to apply a 24 V logic input, without the need for additional circuitry for a pull-up resistance. Also, please note that the NI 9425 has a sinking input, as shown in the "NI 9425 Circuitry" diagram from page 4 of the NI 9425 Datasheet. Please check the "Additional Information" section below for more details.

Additional Information

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