Error -363507 When Connecting To SystemLink Cloud

Updated May 19, 2021

Reported In


  • SystemLink Cloud

Issue Details

I am using the SystemLink HTTP API to transmit data to SystemLink Cloud and it is causing Error -363507 as shown below: 


This error is due to an issue validating the certificate on the server.  Because SystemLink Cloud can be relied upon to issue a valid certificate, the most likely cause of the error is actually a misconfiguration of the client's clock.  SSL requires both server and client to have clocks synchronized within a reasonable degree of accuracy in order for certificate validation to give reliable results.

If the client's time is off from real-time by more than a few dozen seconds, try resetting the client clock accurately and rerun the request.  In order to prevent this issue in the future, consider configuring some kind of time synchronization on the client, such as NTP.