What Are the R GND Pins for on the PXIe-6612?

Updated Jul 30, 2019

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  • PXIe-6612
  • PCIe-6612

Issue Details

On the PXIe/PCIe-6612 pinout, it notes: "R GND: Pins are not connected to Ground if using an SH68-68-D1 shielded cable; Pins are connected to D GND if using an R6868 ribbon cable. What are these R GND pins and what are they for?



R GND pins (or Restricted Ground pins) are just additional D GRD pins that are not mapped with every cable, which is why they are designated differently. If you are using the SH68-68-D1 cable, the pins are floating and you should not use them. There's no "use case" per say beyond determining which cable you need, which is based on shielding requirements and cost.