Built Applications in NI-SLSC 17.5 Crash in Later Versions of NI-SLSC

Updated Feb 12, 2020

Reported In


  • NI-SLSC 17.5

Issue Details

Applications built with NI-SLSC 17.5 or earlier will crash or hang if they are run on a system with NI-SLSC 18.0 or later without rebuilding the application. This behavior will occur if the application uses any of the following VIs, which were updated in 18.0 to support timeout functionality:
  • Initialize Session With Device.vi
  • Initialize Session With NVMEM Areas.vi
  • Initialize Session With Phy Chans.vi
  • Reserve Device.vi

This issue affects Custom Devices built with NI-SLSC 17.5 in use with Veristand 2018 or later.


If you are upgrading from NI-SLSC 17.5 or earlier to a newer version of NI-SLSC, NI recommends that you rebuild any applications that use the functions listed above to ensure that your applications are not affected by this behavior.