Correspondences Between NI Switch Modules Matrixes and Front Pins

Updated Jul 17, 2019

Reported In


  • PXI-2532B
  • PXI-2532


  • Switch Executive



Issue Details

I would like to create a custom terminal block for my NI Switch Module, but I need for that to know what are the correspondences between Row/Column connections and pins. How can I do that ?


You can use the NI-SWITCH Front Panel to find out these informations as following :
  1. Connect the row/column you need on the "Schematic" tab of the NI-SWITCH Soft Front Panel
  1. Go into the "Relays" tab and look for the "Closed" relay
  1. In the above image, kb1r0c6 closed mean that pin B1R0 and B1C6 are connected.

Additional Information

You can locate these pins thanks to the pinout schematic available for each topology