How Can I Change the Temporary Directory of My LabVIEW Application?

Updated Oct 27, 2020



  • LabVIEW Runtime

I know that LabVIEW leaves files in my temporary directory and also how to change the path to it in my LabVIEW development environment. But how can I change the temporary directory in my LabVIEW application as executable?

To modify the temporary directory path you can add the line tmpdir=C:\folderpath to the Application.ini where C:\folderpath can be any path on the target computer. The *.ini file is automatically created by the LabVIEW Application Builder located in the same folder as the executable and named as your application. You can open it with any standard text editor.

Additional Information

Please make sure the directory you specify is valid and does exist. Otherwise the standard temporary directory of your operating system located under the user folders will be used.
Be aware that the *.ini file will be overwritten each time you rebuild your application.