PXIe-1082 and PXIe-1075 Shutdown When Monitoring System Health

Updated Jul 28, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-1075
  • PXIe-1082

Issue Details

When running my system monitoring application with the System Configuration API, my PXIe-1082 or PXIe-1075 chassis unexpectedly shuts off and the MXI light flashes red. Why does this happen, and how do I resolve the problem?


The PXIe-1082 and PXIe-1075 chassis both require version 2.0.2 (or later) firmware to support system monitoring, which includes the NI Web-Based Monitoring and Configuration Utility. Without the updated firmware, the likelihood of an SMBus collision increases along the system health monitoring lines.

The attached utility will determine the version of firmware on your chassis and update if necessary. it will also confirm whether or not the installation was successful or not necessary. Refer to the updater readme for instructions and additional details.

Additional Information

You can download the most recent PXIe-1082 firmware from our website.