Data Transfer Through Network Published Shared Variables Does Not Start Using RT Exe and Error -1950679035 Is Shown

Updated Jul 17, 2019

Reported In


  • PXI-8840


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I want to establish a data transfer between my RT target and my PC via Network Published Shared Variables (NSVs). Therefore I created a VI on my PC and a RT exe running on my RT target.
When I start the RT exe on my target and the VI on my pc I do not get data transferred via NSVs. I can see the NSVs in NI Distributed System Manager under my RT target, but data are not transferred.
I also get displayed the error code -1950679035 in LabVIEW.  When I use a VI under my RT target in LabVIEW project explorer, instead of the RT exe, to communicate with my pc the data transfer works correctly. What can I do to troubleshoot this behavior?


Please check the following aspects:
  1. Check the article about Error -1950679035 or -1950679027 When Using LabVIEW Shared Variables
  2. Check the use of NSVs  
  3. Check the use of NSVs in executables
  4. Check the article Startup Executable Does Not Launch on Real-Time (RT) Target. Especially ensure that the RT OS is able to start all required services before the start-up application attempts to execute by including a Wait function of 30-60 seconds in the application’s start-up sequence. Please have a look on the following example code for the RT exe:

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