Grayed Type Definition Enum When Edited in My LabVIEW State Machine

Updated Sep 5, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I am using a Type Definition Enum, for example in my State Machine, which gets broken when I edit one of its items.

Additionnaly, the Case structure that is connected to this Enum does not properly list the states anymore but only displays corresponding numbers.

How can I resolve this?


When editing your Type Definition Enum, the modification of an item breaks the Enum if an instance of the Enum is in Constant mode and linked to this item.
You have to update any Constant instance linked to the modified item to an unmodified item to resolve the issue.

Additional Information

Once you have modified an item of a Type Definition Enum, LabVIEW doesn't know in which state the instances that were linked to this item should be.
The VI cannot be executed in this configuration and you can access to each problematic instance by checking the errors reported by your VI.