Error "-1,359:2" When Running Lmstat or Lmdiag with MATRIXx

Updated Apr 24, 2023

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When using lmstat and lmdiag to troubleshoot a license problem with MATRIXx, I run the command and it returns: Error getting status: Cannot find license file -1,359:2 (No such file or directory). The file license.dat is in the ISILM folder of the MATRIXx installation. 


When running lmstat and lmdiag you need to use the -c option to specify the location and name of the license file. This is needed even when the license file is in the same directory as lmstat. For example:

  • lmstat -c "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\MATRIXx\ISILM\License.dat"

Note: The quotes are needed because the path includes spaces.

If the current working directory is the same as the license file then you need only specify that the license file name is license.dat. For example:

  • lmstat -c license.dat

See the MATRIXx System Administrators Guide for more information on troubleshooting license issues.