I Get a Revert Message When I Try to Open a VI

Updated Apr 23, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

Sometimes, I try to open a VI and I get the prompt message shown in the figure below
When I click on Cancel, nothing happens and it does not allow me to open the VI. When I click on Revert, the window below pops up.
Again, if I press Cancel, nothing happens and Discard let me open the VI that is the one saved on disk.
The message is not clear as it states the problem but it does not specify what Revert means. Is it going to revert to the version of the VI in disk or is it going to revert to the version in memory?


There are different scenarios where you can get this error. Basically, there is a "caller" that has a version of the VI loaded in memory as part of its own memory allocation and you have changed the VI directly from disk. (i.e. You replaced the "callee" for a backup you had) 

The message means that you are reverting to the version of the VI in disk and it's the only option available as it's not possible for LabVIEW to rewrite the data that is in RAM memory to disk unless you do it manually.

Additional Information

This problem is very likely to happen when you are doing some sort of source control over your project's files. If this is the case, take a look at the Software Configuration Management and LabVIEW for more information on doing source control on LabVIEW.


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