Why Does My LabVIEW Application Run Immediately When Opened?

Updated May 2, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • The application I built with LabVIEW Application Builder defaults to "Run when opened" even though I didn't specify this in VI Settings.
  • How do I build my application so that the executable waits for the user to press the Run button rather that running automatically when opened?
  • The main VI in my executable starts automatically when opened. How do I avoid this?


To have the application simply open and wait for the end user to run it, the settings have to be changed in the Application Properties. 
    1.  In the Application Builder Properties, select Source Files Settings on the left side
    2.  Select the VI that is running automatically on startup from the Project Files list
    3.  Select the Customize VI Properties... button
    4.  Uncheck Run when opened

    The executable will now wait for the user to press the Run button rather that running automatically when opened.

    Additional Information

    The default and expected behavior of applications is to run when opened. If the behavior you want is to have the user launch the executable, enter values, then run the program, this should be done within the code, i.e. code an initial state where the user can input values and wait for a button press to "start" the rest of your code.This can be accomplished via a state machine using event structures and/or producer consumer loops. 

    The main use case for disabling the "Run when opened" option discussed in this article is for executable debugging and is NOT recommended for the above scenario.