Generate Unique Report File for Each UUT in TestStand

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • TestStand

When I run my test sequence on several UUT's in a row, all of the reports are merged into a single file. Is there a way to generate a new file for each UUT?

The method for generating a unique file is dependent upon the way your reports are generated. These options can be found in the Report Options dialog box in the Report File Pathname tab.

To have a unique report for each UUT, you'll need to have the Generate Report File Path option selection. Then, for any File/Directory option besides Specify Report File Path by Expression, there is a selection box for New UUT Report File for Each UUT.  Select this box, and each test will generate a unique file in the chose directory.

If you are using the option Specify Report File Path by Expression, the default behavior is to generate a unique file. This is accomplished through the $(Unique) tag. However, this won't work if you run multiple tests with the same serial number. To make unique files in that case, you'll need to add the serial tag, $(UUT), to the file name. E.G. "$(ClientFileDir)\\$(ClientFileName)_Report_$(UUT)_[$(FileTime)][$(FileDate)]$(Unique).$(FileExtension)"

Additional Information

If the process is done correctly, either using the New UUT Report File for Each UUT option or the $(UUT) tag, you should see the diagram from the image below, indicating that each UUT will have a separate report.