Why Is My USB-9211 or USB-9215 Not Showing Up in NI-DAQmx Devices in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?

Updated Dec 12, 2017

Reported In


  • USB-9215
  • USB-9211
  • USB-9161
  • USB-9162


  • NI-DAQmx
  • NI-DAQmx Base 2.2

Programming Language

  • LabVIEW G


  • USB-9211A
  • USB-9215A
  • NI-DAQmx Base

Issue Details

I have a USB-9211 or USB-9215. After I connect it, I can't use it with DAQmx driver. If I use USB-9211A or USB-9215A device, it's working without problems. What can I install or update to use these USB cards with DAQmx.


The USB-9211 and the USB-9215 cannot be used with NI-DAQmx.  These devices are only compatible with NI-DAQmx Base 2.2 (link) and earlier. They won't be supported under NI-DAQmx or DAQmx Base newer than 2.2 due to fundamental hardware limitations.  NI-DAQmx Base 2.2 is only compatible with LabVIEW versions from 7.0 to 8.2. Therefore, the USB-9211 and 9215 also cannot be used with the latest versions of LabVIEW. 

The USB-9211 and the USB-9215 each consists of two components: the actual C Series module 9211 or 9215 and a USB 9161 carrier. The USB-9211A and USB-9215A also consist of two components: the same NI C Series 9211 or 9215 module, but a different USB carrier - USB-9162. It is possible to purchase the USB-9162 carrier, which will enable you to upgrade your USB-9211 or 9215 to the USB-9211A or 9215A.

For carrier differences please refer to the USB-9211 Series User Guide and Specifications or the USB-9215 Series User Guide and Specifications.


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