Can I Use an Academic Site License for Research?

Updated Dec 14, 2017

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I am a professor at a University and am interested in using NI software for my research. Am I allowed to do this based on my University's License Agreement? 


NI Academic Software License Agreements can cover instructional and/or research purposes. License Agreements are University specific. To determine if your school's License Agreement includes research purposes contact either your NI Volume License Manager administrator or NI support.

Additional Information

“Instructional purposes” can be defined if such use meets either of the following criteria: (i) a common exam is given to students at the end of a semester or other academic period and the exam relates (in whole or part) to the students’ use of the SOFTWARE or (ii) homework or similar projects requiring the use of the SOFTWARE are used for grading in lieu of an exam.

The license shall not be used for any commercial or industrial purpose. If your organization desires to use the license for a commercial purpose or other purpose not permitted under the scope of the License, you must enter into a separate license agreement with NI and pay all applicable NI license fees before engaging in such use.


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