Error -1074360317 With NI IMAQ Functions

Updated Jan 10, 2019

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  • Vision Acquisition Software

Issue Details

I have written a VI that uses IMAQ or IMAQdx functions, but I receive Error -1074360317 when I attempt to run the VI.

Possible reason(s):  NI-IMAQdx: (Hex 0xBFF69003) Invalid pointer


1. This error can be caused when a IMAQ Create VI is not used to create an image. Using an image constant or control will not allocate memory for the image; this can only be done with IMAQ Create.

Improper Image Declaration (Will Not Run)

Proper Image Declaration

2. Alternatively, this error might be caused by closing the reference to the image while it is still required in another part of the code. This may be solved by ensuring that the IMAQ Dispose is called after all IMAQ and IMAQdx VIs that require this memory location have finished executing.


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