How to Replace Relays in NI PXI-2530B Switching Module

Updated Dec 13, 2017

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  • PXI-2530B

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I have an NI PXI-2503B switching device and some relays have reached the end of their life-time. Is there a way to self-service this device and if yes what parts will I need to replace them?


The relays in the PXI-2530B module are self-serviceable. This means you can replace the broken relays on your own, but of course you can ask National Instruments to change them for you. For more information about how to do it on your own and what parts to use visit this website.
You need to aquire the specific relay type, which in the case of NI PXI-2530B is made by Coto with the part number 9012-05-11. Please make sure to follow the instructions found in the website above to prevent damage to your switching device!


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