VeriStand Project Will Not Deploy on My New Computer

Updated Jan 22, 2018

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I am moving my VeriStand project to a new computer but it will not deploy.  How could I fix this?


A VeriStand project will not deploy on a new computer if it was not transferred properly.  To try and fix this, ensure that your VeriStand project was transferred with the steps below in mind:
  1. Ensure that you are moving your project to a computer with a compatible operating system.  To check this, reference this NI VeriStand Version Compatibility document.
  2. Ensure that the National Instruments software and versions of the software on your new computer match that of the software on your previous computer.  Relevant NI software can also be seen in the NI VeriStand Version Compatibility document and the software versions used on your computer can be found by opening NI Measurement & Automation Explorer and navigating to  System>>Software.
  3. Use your VeriStand project on your new computer.  

Additional Information

If all of the software on your new system does not match the software on your old system then there is no guarantee that your VeriStand project will function properly.


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