I'm Losing Connection to My RT Target While Running Long Tests in VeriStand

Updated Dec 11, 2017

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  • VeriStand Full

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

-I run multi-day tests in VeriStand, and occasionally my PC will lose connection to my RT target for the rest of the test.
-My RT target seems to continue running fine, but the communication never re-establishes.
-I have dozens of graphs and charts to monitor high speed waveforms from my host



  • Reduce the number of waveform graphs and charts on your UI as much as possible.
  • You can also create separate screens to hold controls and indicators that are less important or rarely needed and only switching to them when required.
    • Note: Once a screen has been viewed, it's contents will continue to be updated behind the scenes, even if you navigate to another screen

Additional Information

  • Sending very high volumes of data to the host PC can be processor intensive for your RT target, which can bog it down.  
  • Maintaining communication with the host PC through the VeriStand Gateway is set to a lower priority than other processes like acquiring and sending data from hardware and running models.
  • If your RT target is already being taxed to it's limits, the connection may be dropped.
    • You can assess the strain on your RT target with System Channels such as HP Count, HP Loop Duration, Actual Loop Rate, and Model Count


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