Cannot Load TDMS File into DIAdem

Updated Apr 1, 2024

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  • DIAdem Base

Issue Details

  • When I attempt to load my TDMS file into DIAdem, I receive an error: TDMS_SE loader cannot process the file.
  • When I try to load my TDMS file in the Data Portal by dragging it in from the Navigator window, it populates with empty cells. But I can open them in Excel just fine. How do I fix this?


To open up your TDMS file directly, follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to your desired file and right click to open the context menu.
  2. Select Open With...
  3. Select the National Instruments TDM Streaming Loader.
To permanently open TDMS files with the National Instruments TDM Streaming DataPlugin, we must modify the order in which the DataPlugins are called.
  1. Open up Settings > My DataFinder > Configure...
  2. Select the File Extensions tab and find the *.tdms extension under the Indexable extensions pane.
  3. Ensure that the TDMS DataPlugin is listed above any other TDMS DataPlugins (i.e. TDMS_SE or TDMS_DataPlugin).
    • If another DataPlugin is prioritized above the TDMS DataPlugin, then DIAdem will try to load your TDMS file with the other DataPlugin by default.
  4. If issues still persist, remove the unused TDMS DataPlugin by:
    1. Open the DataPlugin Settings window by selecting Settings >> Extensions >> DataPlugins...
    2. Select the unused TDMS DataPlugin
    3. Remove the DataPlugin by selecting the gray "X" at the top of the window (as seen in the image below).

Additional Information

The TDMS_SE DataPlugin is designed for use with SignalExpress TDMS files and should not be used with regular TDMS files.

Before deleting any DataPlugins during troubleshooting, it is best practice to "export"  and save the DataPlugin, in the event it needs to be used again in the future.