Launching TestStand and Logging in for the First Time

Updated Dec 11, 2023



  • TestStand

I recently installed TestStand and when I navigate to Start >> Programs >> National Instruments >> TestStand x.x I do not see an executable called TestStand. When I launch one of the executables in the TestStand folder, TestStand seems to launch but it dislpays the following prompt:

I do not have login information set up. How do I log in to TestStand?

The default username and password for TestStand are:

Username: administrator

In order to log in for the first time, press OK with the default user information (the password is blank). This default login will remain the same until you manually change it using the user management capabilities of TestStand.

Additional Information

When launching TestStand for the first time, the TestStand installation places the Sequence Editor (if you purchased the development license) into the TestStand root program files directory (Start»Programs»National Instruments»TestStand x.x). The sequence editor is the development interface for NI TestStand

This installation also places the default Operator Interfaces included with TestStand into subfolders found in the root TestStand program files directory. TestStand is driven by the TestStand Engine, which is accessed by launching a Sequence Editor or an Operator Interface. TestStand has extensive capabilities for user management which by default require the user to login.