Incorrect Installation Type When Silently Installing LEGO® MINDSTORMS ® Education EV3 Software

Updated Jan 12, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW for LEGO Mindstorms

Issue Details

When I silently install my LEGO® MINDSTORMS ® Education EV3 Software, the InstallationType section in my spec file is not applied. Regardless of specifying TeacherInstall or StudentInstallin my spec file, the Student Edition is installed. How can I successfully and silently install my LEGO® MINDSTORMS ® Education EV3 Software?


In order to successfully install the Teacher Edition with a silent install, you must manually specify the required feature states in the spec file as opposed to specifying the Installation Type. To silently install the Teacher Edition,
  1. Under the [Features] section of the spec file 
  2. Add the line: EV3_EDU_Mode.EV3.EDU.MODE.100=Local
You may also download the spec file attached below.