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Configure NI-6509 Line-By-Line for Input or Output

Updated Nov 30, 2023

Reported In


  • PCI-6509
  • PCIe-6509
  • PXI-6509
  • USB-6509

Issue Details

Is it possible with the NI 6509 modules to configure some lines in a port for input and other lines in the same port as output?


Yes, the PCIe-6509 has lines that can be configured for input and output.

In contrast, the PCI-6509, PXI-6509, and USB-6509 cannot be configured line-by-line for input or output.

Additional Information

The PCI-6509, PXI-6509, and USB-6509 modules have 12 ports with 8 lines per port that are bi-directional, but each port must configured on a port-by-port basis for input or output. Therefore, They cannot be configured on a line-by-line-basis.